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Area-4 Přední Kopanina, Prague 6


We are preparing a new project in the prestigious location of Prague 6.

You are looking for convenience, comfort, peace, well-being, all of it in nature, and in Prague.

The idea of one’s own living in nature, near the forest with a garden and a stream within

reach - we have our modern family houses with the ideal size for you in the latest technical standard, including photovoltaics.

The project Area-3 Přední Kopanina is the latest in our series of projects for quiet living

in nature, yet in Prague, with all the advantages that the city provides.

The project consists of three two-story semi-detached houses.

Large French windows will provide a connection of the living room to the terrace

and the garden, and  connect the interior and the space, which will give you a feeling of total belonging with nature.

The comfort of living is underlined by gardens and two private parking spaces for each house.

Operationally, each house is adapted to the housing needs of a 4- to 5-member family.

We are currently preparing a building permit for the entire project.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.



project РК4
location 6-4

PRAGUE 6 DISTRICT, Přední Kopanina

The Prague 6 district encompasses administrative districts of Prague 6 and Prague 17 (Břevnov, Dejvice, Liboc, Lysolaje, Nebušice, Přední Kopanina, Ruzyně, Řepy, Střešovice,

Sedlec, Suchdol, Vokovice, Veleslavín).

The Prague 6 district is mostly used for residential living and recreation.

The suburban district Přední Kopanina is 10km north west from the city centre, in close proximity to the Václav Havel Airport Prague.

It was first mentioned in a chronicle in 1285. Since 1974 it has been a district of Prague.

The main urban place of interest is the Romanesque St Mary Magdalene rotunda

(first half of 12th century).

There is a riding school, children’s football club, shops, hotels and restaurants in

Přední Kopanina area.

standard рк4

Area-4 Přední Kopanina, Prague 6 - STANDARDS


Floors generally:

Laminate + impact insulation under wear layer.

Indoor paving - lay to cut, binding or a tan angle.

Outdoor paging - frostproof.

Facings lay to cut or binding.

Plasters - stuke, road metal or gypsum.

Paint white, wear resistance.


Ceramic facing and paving are in standard tuck pointed with coloured mastic in shade

of paving (facing) eventually white, grey.

Parapet: External - metal sheeting with titanium-zinc plate,

Internal plate – laminate, chipboard.


Vertical structure:

Cladding: Non-bearing filler mansory (backfilling) in R.C. (reinforced concrete) + contact insulation, system 150mm mineral wool, expanded polystyrene.
Partition: Porotherm, R.C., concrete blocks.
Walls between appartments: R.C., Porotherm.
Partitions in cellars: brick slip, eventually other brick material.
Columns: R.C.


Horizontal structure:

R.C. die plate


Windows and doors:

Window and balcony door: wooden, double glazing unit, on ground floor – security film.
Garage door: scroll eventually section, door lock remote control (1pc per 1 garage standing).
Entry door (appartment): smooth film (light colour), security armouring – 3 key,

firestopping (30mins), eyelet, jamb – steel and varnished, possibility of shoulder with

security door, wooden beech door-step Internal doors: casing jamb, smooth door, in to the room glass door (2/3 glass), other full doors, metal armouring, tumbler lock (1 key).



Wall lamps on balconies and terraces.
Sockets: 30cm above the floor, switches 120cm above the floor.

Outdoor illumination of common areas.

Residental room:

Sockets: 2x sockets per room up to 20m2, 3x sockets per room over 20m2.
Illumination: according to the size of the room to determine the number of the ceiling

outlets + serial switch.

Kitchen, residental kitchen:

Scokets: 2x sockets per room up to 20m2, 3x sockets per room over 20m2.
Illumination: according to the size of the room to determine the number of the ceiling

outlets + serial switch, individual kitchen lighting and separate supply of electricity

for cooker.


Sockets: no.
Illumination: Half-round ceiling light.

Bathroom, bathroom with toilet:

Sockets: 1x socketnext to the sink, 1x 15A for washing machine.
Illumination: Half-round ceiling light + outlet above the sink controled by one switch.

Corridors and halls:

Sockets: 1x socket.
Illumination: Half-round ceiling light (according to the size of the room) controled

by switch (next to the door or easily accessible distance from the door).

Dressing room:

Sockets: 1x socket.
Illumination: Half-round ceiling light.

Balcony and terrace:

Illumination: ceiling lamp, interior switch.


Sockets: no.
Illumination: half-round ceiling light.



Cable TV: 1x socket per residential room, reception of satelite and terrestrial sinals.
Phone: 1x phone socket per appartment.
House phone: bell, electrically operand entrance door opening.


Metal radiators, Fan coil.

Heating ladder in bathroom.

Piping in the floor, wall.


Ventilation of sanitky facilities, with switch located at the lighting switch, ventilation placed

on the wall, plastic light cover.

Connecting point of hood is under the kitchen ceiling, alternatively hood with recerculation.



Hanging toilet.

Acrylic bath.

Water connection and waste of washing machine.

Connection of dishwasher in the kitchen.

Single lever mixer – chrome.

Water gange, enclosed by small door.

Waste disposers are not in the standard, their use will require larger dimension of waste

piping and instalation.

Waste and water pipin gis hanging on the wall or embedding into the wall or floor.

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