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Residence CIBULKA, Prague 5


The apartment building project in Musílkova Street underlines the advantages of local surroundings, and gives this part of Prague even more appeal. The height of this corner

building corresponds with the height of neighbouring houses in this street, and is elegantly lowered in the skyline to level up with the neighbouring building.

Entry into the building is at the south side of the area, Musílkova Street. There are offices

on the first floor of the building, and at the east side (further part of Musílkova Street)

there is a garage entrance which is levelled with thefirst basement floor.

Area-1 Přední Kopanina, Prague 6


This housing complex located in the quiet district of Přední Kopanina (Prague 6) comprises

of semi-detached houses, which have an architectonically interesting feature: the bedroom

area is at half-floor level. Each building has two separate entrances andis designed for

residence of two families.Each building has separate exit to the terrace and a well-groomed

plot intended for relaxation. There is a garage there. In the house, there is a large hall

connected to the kitchen, a master bedroom, two children’s bedrooms, one bathroom,

toilet and a shower cubicle, a study.

Area-2 Přední Kopanina, Prague 6

Area -2 Přední Kopanina is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to spend life in a quiet environment surrounded by beautiful nature, without having to give up the opportunities

and attractions that life in Prague offers.

This is exactly how our project is, which we have prepared including a building permit,

and which is realized by our partner. The layout of the 4+1 houses will satisfy even the most demanding takers. Each house has a parking space for two automobiles as well as a garden.

The project Area-2 Přední Kopanina is located next to the Kopaninský brook, which

completes the romantic character of the whole area.

Area-3 Přední Kopanina, Prague 6

Area -3 Přední Kopanina is another in a series of our projects of quiet living in nature

and at the same time in Prague.

The constantly sunny south slope is an ideal place for comfortable living.

We concluded this intention of ours by issuing a building permit and this project is currently being realized. The layout of all houses is 5+1 and includes an outdoor terrace.

Each house has a parking space for two cars as well as a garden.

The project Area-3 Přední Kopanina is located near a gardening colony, which is an oasis

of calm in this area.

Area-4 Přední Kopanina, Prague 6

We are preparing a new project in the prestigious location of Prague 6.

You are looking for convenience, comfort, peace, well-being, all of it in nature, and in Prague.

The idea of one’s own living in nature, near the forest with a garden and a stream within

reach - we have our modern family houses with the ideal size for you in the latest technical standard, including photovoltaics.

The project Area-3 Přední Kopanina is the latest in our series of projects for quiet living

in nature, yet in Prague, with all the advantages that the city provides.


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