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  The joint-stock company GARD INVEST a.s. was founded in 2007. Main areas of activities:
- Construction, sales, rental of high quality real estate in prestigious city districts of Prague.
- Investment in the development and production of thermal technology, technology for pelletizing Biomass.
- Sales and servicing of the "SCHERER Engineering" brand and drying lines from "VOTONA" s.r.o.
  The GARD INVEST a.s. company’s guarantee of success is our experts’ top level qualifications and professionalism.




Since 2011, the company GARD INVEST a.s. has been investing

in the development and manufacture of thermal technology

for solid fuels. Our experts work closely with the company

VOTONA s.r.o. The company GARD INVEST a.s. is the official supplier of the VOTONA s.r.o. technology to the district of

Volga in the Russian Federation. It deals with the distribution and service of drying lines in the EU, Belarus and Russian Federation.

Since 2014 GARD INVEST a.s. has been cooperating with the German company SCHERER Engineering, which invests in development of biomass pelleting machines, their distribution

and service.



The activities in the field of investment construction were

started by the company GARD INVEST in 2008 with the project

and construction of an apartment building in the city district

of Cibulka in Prague 5. Also, GARD INVEST a.s. company’s experts took part in planning and development of various buildings designed for manufacturing and residential living in the

Czech Republic, as well as in Russia.

In present time, we are assuring the projection activities and the construction of three residential complexes in the district of Přední Kopanona in Prague 6. The handing over of the first complex, consisting of two two-story houses with two residential units each, is planned for May 2017.


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